8 Advantages to Using Artificial Grass in Play Areas

Part of making an outdoor play area fun is having a clean, mud-free space to enjoy. Artificial grass is worth considering if you’re looking for a new way to cover your playground surface with a long-lasting product.

Artificial grass for playgrounds maintains the natural aesthetic of a green lawn, so kids can enjoy themselves year-round. It looks very realistic with a similar color and texture as real grass blades. Artificial grass can modify a space that is otherwise unused due to too much shade, mud, or water issues.

Synthetic turf for playgrounds offers many benefits to everyone.

1) Soft Cushioning for Falls and Scrapes
Natural grass is hard and doesn’t absorb the shock of falls which can lead to more severe injuries. Artificial turf for playgrounds offers a cushiony spring to help absorb shock and potentially minimize the severity of fall injuries. This ideal ground cover absorbs the shock of a fall to lessen the impact. Falling isn’t the only ways kids get hurt on the playground. Scrapes and cuts on other surfaces can easily happen. Artificial grass is easier on the skin than wood chips or other filler commonly used under playground equipment so children won’t end up with scraped knees and hands if they trip and fall.

Wood chips, and rubber can be good ground cover but they become compacted, move around or wash away easily. Artificial grass solves that problem since it stays in place and doesn’t become flattened. Plus, kids can roll around and play on the artificial grass without getting pieces on their skin or feeling itchy.

2) Mud-Free Environment
Even ground cover with rubber and other fillers leaves kids covered in dirt. Synthetic grass lets kids enjoy the outdoors without being covered in mud. Unlike regular grass, it enables playing without messy mud and dirt. Puddles are eliminated that would otherwise result in wet and muddy clothing. Grass and dirt stains on clothing will be a thing of the past.

3) Reduced Work
Regular grass takes a lot of work to maintain. Depending on the weather conditions, you may need to water the grass to keep it looking green, which is a big undertaking in a large recreational area. Once installed, artificial turf is a very low-maintenance option. You can clean it occasionally, but you don’t have to worry about watering, mowing or weeding the area. You just need to hose it off occasionally.

4) Durability
Playground artificial turf is made from durable nylon fibers so it can take a lot of abuse without showing signs of wear. Unlike real grass that often remains flattened after someone steps on it, the nylon fibers let the artificial grass spring back into an upright position. These fibers are resistant to abrasion, so they look nicer as well. Synthetic grass typically lasts longer than other playground surfaces which means you can save money in the long run by investing in a durable product.

5) Resistant to the Elements
Artificial turf holds up under a variety of weather conditions. Rubber surfaces are popular options to cover the ground under play sets, but they don’t always wear well. They can peel, crack, separate and fade due to weather elements, especially in hot summer temperatures with direct sunlight.

6) Environmentally Friendly
Replacing real grass with synthetic grass can help the environment and your family. Because it needs very little maintenance, you don’t need to use water to irrigate the grass, and it always looks green and healthy. Since you won’t need to mow, you will not be using gas that pollutes the environment. In addition, you eliminate chemical fertilizers and weed killers that would otherwise seep into your lawn and potentially harm your family, friends, and pets.

7) Superior Drainage
This green cover has superior drainage that lets water and other liquids drain away quickly to keep the recreational area dry and free of puddles. Wet and muddy conditions will not be a deterrent from your kids playing outside. Children can go outside shortly after it rains without getting covered in mud or slipping on slick spots.

8) No Holes, Bare Spots or Tears
Kids and pets can be tough on real grass. Dogs like to dig and eat real grass. Even tossing your dog or children a toy or running on grass can do damage and cause bare areas due to excessive foot traffic. Humans and pets alike tend to wear paths in the grass. The ground can become uneven and create ruts which becomes a tripping hazard. Replacing real grass with artificial eliminates this problem and it keeps the area looking green and lush without any worn areas.

Durable artificial turf holds up to all that wear and is a tough, ideal surface for any activity. If you’re considering synthetic grass for your children’s play area, contact us today!