A Multi-Functional Backyard

artificial turf in Cincinnati

This East Walnut Hills property once had an underutilized shady backyard with sparsely populated grass due to many large overhanging trees. The client struggled to grow any kind of grass so their children and dog could roam and play without finding themselves in areas of dirt or mud.

Replacing natural grass with synthetic grass improved the area for children because it is softer on the knees, no more holes or worn areas in the lawn from excessive play, and no more grass stained clothes. It also allows for quick drainage because it lets water and other liquids drain away quickly to keep the play area dry and free of standing water which leads to muddy and messy conditions.

The turf is also a great choice for this owner’s dog because the specialized drainage system allows liquid waste to pass through to the soil below. Common pests such as fleas, ticks, and ants cannot thrive in artificial grass as it is an inhospitable environment for them to live. These pests don’t live in the artificial grass, they don’t cling to the dog’s fur as it plays and rolls in the yard, and won’t wind up biting their dog. In addition, fleas and ticks aren’t brought into the home by the homeowner’s dog which creates a pest-free home and lawn that is safe for both people and pets.

This expansive area of artificial turf also provides an area where a wide variety of sports and activities can be played and enjoyed. It is the perfect gathering area for adults and children where everyone can come together to play badminton, bocci ball, or volleyball.

Another area of this property has a very different functional focus. A formal garden was created, and it surrounds a formal sitting area that provides a serene space that is perfect for relaxing. An adjacent space offers ample room for entertainment and is outfitted with cozy seating and a dining table. This entertainment area rests on artificial turf that always looks green and perfectly manicured, has great drainage, and is soft underfoot.

A fire pit was added to the paver patio for additional entertainment options. A formal design element was incorporated around the entire turf area surrounding the seating and entertainment area. It is edged in classic granite cobbles since the client prefers a more tailored, refined, and formal look.

Perennials play a significant role in outlining this space, and make it a real show-stopper. These flowers enhance the entertainment space and create a more pronounced border to differentiate between the two spaces. The colorful perennial garden was created off of the small formal sitting area in the back, which leads to another patio. This area was massed with summer perennials that give color in May through August. Some of these flowers include hydrangeas, coneflowers, irises, daisies, phlox, and geraniums. This mass of color acts as a decorative accent and colorful focal point for the eye, as well as separating the two distinct spaces.

A virtually unusable space was transformed into a multipurpose showpiece. On one side, a rectangular turf area now serves as a multipurpose recreational play area. On the other side, a spacious and versatile space and formal garden was created for a quiet area for relaxation along with a separate dining area for entertainment.

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