Artificial Grass Advantages for Dogs

Artificial grass advantages for dogs
Artificial grass for dogs

Dogs are notorious for digging holes, eating grass, causing lawn burn and damage to your beautifully maintained green lawn. Are you tired of holes all over the yard, never-ending mud, and dead grass due to pet urine?

There is an answer… Artificial grass! It enhances your yard appeal and is great for your pets.

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to with artificial grass for dog owners:

  • No getting muddy or dirty
    Muddy paws ruining your home will be a thing of the past because your pet will no longer drag mud through your living space. There’s no soil under the faux grass which means it won’t produce mud. It also has a superior drainage system that quickly directs water from the surface to the subbase below. That’s why synthetic lawns dry up much faster than real grass.
  • Easy to maintain
    When your pup goes potty, artificial turf has a superior drainage system and urine will drain through holes down to the subbase below. All you need is a quick rinse for your artificial grass to become clean again. Larger debris can easily be picked up.
  • No need for chemical lawn products
    You can eliminate chemical fertilizers and weed killers that would otherwise seep into your lawn and potentially harm your pets. And faux turf is non-toxic!
  • Say goodbye to lawn pests
    The safety of your dog is very important. You can eliminate hidden hazards that hide in natural lawns such as fleas and ticks, toxic weeds, and grass pollen. Insect bites and pest infestations are common issues especially when animals roll around and play in the grass. Your dog will not be a host to these pests and therefore will not be bringing insects into your home that could pose a threat your family.
  • No ruts, wear and tear
    No matter how hard or how often your furry friend romps around on your lawn, their paws will never be able to damage the turf. The backing is so tough your dog won’t be able to rip out the fibers or dig holes through the surface. This makes it a safer option for people as well since it will minimize tripping or falling.
  • No lawn discoloration
    Dog urine can cause burning and yellow spots on natural grass. With artificial grass, burning isn’t an issue and the surface drains well so the urine goes right through it. It won’t discolor or show staining, and you can wash it off easily.
  • Feels real and stays soft
    Your dog will not know the difference since today’s artificial turf is soft on their paws and has a plush feel for rolling around. Now your pup can play freely for hours.
  • Your dog can enjoy year-round
    Your dog can enjoy this surface year-round making it a perfect play area to run and get exercise all year.

Once you go synthetic you can put your worries behind you. The above-mentioned inconveniences of having a dog in your yard will be a thing of the past! Contact us today to learn more about artificial grass for dog owners.