Artificial Grass Around Pools

This Clifton property started off as a blank slate encompassing a large area of dirt with the property dropping off down a hillside. This property was transformed into a grand living space including a pool surrounded by lush landscaping and artificial turf.

The lush look was created using synthetic turf all around the pool and flanked with formal stone work in many different areas. Synthetic grass was used as the pool decking instead of traditional hardscape material. Site constraints due to a smaller space and a hillside made it a perfect area to put synthetic turf instead of concrete. With little space, the pop of green really makes it stand out and adds color and interest to the eye. The turf balances the color against the blue of the contrasting pool. This grass provides green space along the pool and compliments the pool coping and plaster color. It is bright and refreshing unlike a pool deck with all concrete. With concrete, a true green space could not have been achieved.

Other advantages of using turf include when wet, it isn’t as slick as concrete or bricks. If children are playing and take off running for the water, the artificial turf will keep them safer. In addition, the artificial turf gives a nice feel underfoot as it is softer and it does not burn your feet as you get in and out of the pool. This turf is more forgiving so if anyone should slip and fall, the damage may not be the same magnitude.

An entertainment spot flanking the pool contains large limestone squares inset into the turf. Turf ribbons were created between the limestone squares as an aesthetic element. Using artificial grass in this area between the limestones makes the maintenance very easy. No mowing, or fertilizing, or weeding are needed. It makes for a clean, crisp look year-round.

LaMond Design used materials that enriched the site. The roman shaped pool lends itself to a more formal look. So limestone coping on the pool was used and served as an inspiration for the limestone squares. Fieldstone seat walls were created to further enhance the rich feel of this property. Natural stone slap steps were built to compliment the fieldstone seat walls all of which contribute to a stately look

Landscaping was another method of adding additional elegance to this space. Boxwood hedges were installed with the layering of hydrangeas to create a truly stunning property. The formality of the roman pool shape is what inspired the use of the finest materials to compliment the whole space.

Benefits of Artificial Grass around Pools

As you can see, there are many benefits to using artificial grass around your pool areas.

  • Artificial turn isn’t as slippery as other materials such as concrete or brick. It’s also softer in the event of an accidental fall.
  • Grass and other debris is often tracked into the pool and surrounding area. With synthetic grass, this won’t be a problem.
  • Artificial grass is resistant to chemicals. That means it won’t be damaged by the products that you may use to maintain your pool.
  • Artificial turf offers improved drainage to grass. Pool areas are going to get wet. With artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about puddles and mud.
  • And of course, synthetic looks great around your pool! It stays green and beautiful year round. It’s easy to maintain and makes any areas aesthetically appealing.

When you’re ready to add artificial turf around pool area, we’re here to help! We have experience installing artificial turf for a variety of different needs. Contact LaMond Design and we will help you design the pool area of your dreams.