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An appealing landscape has many elements working together to create a cohesive picture. These elements fall under one of two categories – hardscaping or softscaping. An experienced landscape designer will ensure that the different elements blend seamlessly to create the look you want.

We’ll focus on hardscape design, how it can transform your yard, and how our hardscaping services can help.

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What is the Difference Between Hardscaping and Softscaping?

Both terms relate to landscaping design elements. The primary difference between the two is that hardscaping consists of man-made items and harder natural elements. Your stone wall, for example, is hardscape. That rock you dug up in the desert is hardscaping.

Softscaping, on the other hand, refers to the softer, natural elements of the design. In other words, it relates to the plants, shrubs, and trees. The bed of peonies that you planted and your lawn is considered softscape as opposed to hardscape.

Hardscape Backyard Design For Your Home

Create a Hardscape Design Feature

Hardscaping in smaller gardens can be particularly effective. You can use hardscape to define clear areas in the garden. Our contractors recommend choosing a focal area in the garden. Is there one area that you spend more time in than others? Is there an area that you want to highlight?

Creating a bold feature, for example, requires careful placement. It would help if you established where it would make the most impact. You’ll need to downplay other features nearby so your star can shine. Even a tiny garden can handle a bold, modern water feature or statue, which is why you should consult with a hardscape architect.

These installation elements need to be spectacular rather than purely practical.

Creating Areas of Interest In Your Backyard

Something about stumbling on little hidden nooks in a garden is very enticing. Adding hardscape walls in strategic places can create those small spots of mystery. Putting in a winding path can also add an air of mystery. You never know what you’ll find around the next corner.

Add Practical Elements With Hardscape Features

Hardscaping also performs a very practical function.

Pavers, for example, can be used to create a patio or a path. These are useful for keeping your feet dry and clean on a muddy day. You can create a plain finish or beautiful patterned effect. You can use the pavers to even out the terrain so that people don’t trip and fall.

A retaining wall prevents your home from sliding down into your neighbor’s yard. There’s no law that says that retaining walls have to be ugly. Speak to your contractor about turning that wall into a feature as well.

Social Hardscaping

We don’t mean chatting to your new retaining wall. Here we’re referring to elements that you add to inject a social utility to the space.

Fire Pits

These hardscape fire pits could be in the form of an intricate, wrought iron fire pit with stone benches surrounding it. Or you could opt for a dug-in fire pit so that you can hold your next luau. Why not consider a South of the Border look? Choose a pit that best matches your lifestyle.

Built-in Grill

A built-in grill can prove very useful. It’s always sheltered and protected, and you know that no one is going to steal it. You can choose many different styles of grills for this purpose. Why not consider putting in a pizza oven or more traditional Mexican

Outdoor Kitchens

Open plan living and more relaxed catering have made the outdoor kitchen very popular for any hardscape project. It’s a great communal area for entertaining, especially during the summer. It can also double as a hang out spot for teens and older kids. They have a space of your own, and so do you. And they can be as noisy as they like.

Play Areas

Now granted, the word “hard” is not something that you’ll want to see in conjunction with a play area. That said, with clever hardscaping, you can provide a fun and safe environment for your kids to play in.

Why not create a pirate ship or a wooded dell for them to explore? Or what about the much-loved classic, the treehouse? With a bit of ingenuity, it’s easy to create a magical place for your children to enjoy.

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Hardscaping can perform many functions. It can be practical in nature, like a paved path to keep your feet dry. It can be whimsical, like with a cute play area for your kids. It can enhance your lifestyle by providing a great place to socialize.

With the right hardscaping, you are one giant step closer to creating your own garden paradise in Cincinnati with the right hardscape design company. Contact Lamond Design today at 513.200.3358!