Landscape Lighting Cincinnati

Having the right outdoor lighting in place can transform your Cincinnati property. It helps you highlight design features that deserve to be seen at night. Outdoor lighting performs the practical function of keeping the property well-lit for safety and security. Light itself can also be art.

We’ll discuss the various forms of outdoor lighting for your home from a Cincinnati landscape architect.

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Why Choose A Professional

Before we talk about the lighting itself, let's discuss if building an outdoor lighting system in Cincinnati is a good DIY project.

When it comes to more intricate lighting plans with a lot of wiring, it'll probably pay you to get some assistance. A professional landscape designer can help you bring the area to life. Better yet, they'll design a highly-effective outdoor lighting system that works flawlessly. What's more, they can get a much better deal on the lights.

Commercial Outdoor Landscape Lighting

How much exterior lighting you need in your Cincinnati business setting depends on the property use after hours. If your firm closes at night, it doesn't make much sense to create little lit pathways around your commercial building. What you will need is adequate security lighting and perhaps recessed lighting over your business name.

Spotlights do use a lot of energy, but they light up an area as bright as day. If you're in a high-crime neighborhood, it's a good idea to install some spotlights.

If you’re running a residential or entertainment complex that is open at night, things are different. You’ll need to ensure that there’s adequate lighting for visitors to get around at night. As people might walk through the gardens, it does make sense to install some artistic lighting as well.

Commercial outdoor lighting systems in this setting can be used to create a very well-defined mood. Take advantage of that by creating different spaces using different lighting effects.

With commercial outdoor lighting in Cincinnati, we advise calling in a professional. They’ll be able to suggest optimal placement and ways to reduce your ongoing power usage.

Led lighting systems, for example, require less power to run. The bulbs are hardier and will last longer. LED lighting reduces the overall running costs of the system.

Solar lighting can also help to keep costs down. You need to check that the lights will be bright enough for your needs. Considering the amount of rain we experience in Cincinnati, it might also be wise to have a backup plan.

Hardscape Lights Installation

Hardscape lighting is more about ambiance than safety. You can use light very effectively to create a dramatic reveal of a garden feature outdoors. You can create areas in the garden with low lighting for a more romantic feel.

Light up the pool area and deck as light as day to create a focal area at parties. If it helps to stop Uncle Roger from falling into the water again, that's a bonus.

Light-scaping can be highly effective in showing off the best features of your home. The added advantage is that it also keeps your entrances lit. The friendly neighborhood cat burglar will think twice about climbing into the window in full view of the neighbors.

Recessed lighting can be used to create a more subtle effect.

Other creative ideas include highlighting a favorite tree, statue, outdoor fountain, or garden path.

Maintenance & Repair

The outdoor lighting options that we’ve spoken about already are aesthetically pleasing. They do also perform a very practical function – they make it easy to see what’s going on in your garden at night. Functional lighting systems are focused on safety and security. You want to always make sure that these are properly maintained; otherwise, you'll need to get them repaired.

You might not want recessed lighting around a tree in this case. You would want a walking path to be well-lit. There may be a call to install clear, bright security lights. While this might make you feel like you're living in a baseball stadium, it makes it difficult for criminals to move about unseen. It's important that these lights are well maintained.

If the criminal is determined enough, they’ll still try their luck. At least you’ll be able to see them coming this way.

Other practical outdoor lighting ideas to consider are in seating areas, around the pool, or anywhere friends might congregate after dark.

You may want to consider patio lights, outdoor motion sensor lights, or even pathway lighting for your Cincinnati home.

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There are so many outdoor lighting options that you can have a lot of fun. Stick to simple, understated lighting for an elegant effect. Want to go a bit wild? What about strobe lighting, or color-changing bulbs?

Just keep in mind that you have to live with your neighbors after all the lighting goes in. If you have any questions, give us a call at 513.200.3358.