Our Process

From the initial design to ongoing maintenance, LaMond Design works to ensure that we bring your landscape vision to life.

Brick Patio with flowers

Sketchpad Sit-Down

We come to your place to look over the property and listen to you describe, in your own terms, what it is you’re looking for. We discuss how you use your outdoor space, your long-term vision, and how to bring that all to life.

Conceptual Design Phase

This is a key part to our design program. Typically we will develop 3-4 different concepts of what a landscape or outdoor space could look like. It is our job as design professionals to explore the possibilities and present you with all the options. We present and review the concepts and gather feedback. Sometimes clients gravitate toward a specific concept, others like specific elements from each. We then head back to the drawing board and put all these ideas together in one drawing.


“Our process is client driven: you provide your vision, we articulate it graphically, and you dictate the direction.”


Final Design

During this stage we bring to life your preferences from the conceptual phase. We develop and present a cohesive drawing that represents everything you desire for your outdoor space. At this point a detailed cost estimate will be provided for the installation. We do charge a fee for our design process. That fee is reflective of the scope of your project. Your design fee is credited to the construction of your project when you move forward with the installation.

landscape design process concept drawing
Landscape design concept drawing


When the design process is complete, we transition seamlessly into the construction phase and bring your masterpiece to life. LaMond Design employs a team of 8-10 craftsmen that work to the highest standards in landscape construction.



LaMond Design offers comprehensive landscape maintenance services for existing clients and those that participate in our design-build process.

Minimum landscape installation project $6,000.00 • Minimum installation containing hardscape/construction $13,000.00
Existing Clients:  We are open to discussing projects and enhancements of any size.

Let us bring your landscape dreams to life!

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